Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy

We address musculoskeletal deficits as a result of muscle, bone or joint injuries from chronic problems, arthritis, or sports/fitness injuries. Typical problems include: shoulder and knee injuries or surgeries, tendonitis, neck and back pain or foot and ankle problems.

Industrial Injury Rehabilitation

Helping people return to their normal occupations after work-related accidents includes a progression from range of motion and strengthening exercises to simulated workplace tasks.

Post-Rehab Transition Exercise

Once your physical therapy is formally completed, patients have the option to continue for 1-3 months in our independent clinic exercise program. This $50/month option helps to enhance your recovery.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Evaluation of lower extremity alignment and biomechanics is commonly the first phase of determinating correct treatment for back, leg or foot problems. If the patient's alignment would benefit from correction, sometimes neutral leg/foot position measurment is performed with fabrication of foot orthotics/inserts.

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