Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation

  • Acute Injuries (sprains, strains, tendinitis)

  • Chronic Problems (arthritis, back and neck pain, tendinosis)

  • Post-Operative

  • Shoulders, Knees, Ankles, Feet, Wrists, Elbows

  • Neck and Spine

Industrial Injury Rehabilitation

  • On-the-job injury

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Return-to-work after surgery


  • Special techniques to address pain and dysfunction

  • Athletes, post-surgical patients, workers – anyone! – can benefit

  • Can help you reach your recovery goals

Custom Orthotics

  • Precisely fit to your feet

  • Designed to correct your specific biomechanical needs

  • Can help multiple musculoskeletal needs

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN)

  • Treats areas of pain and tightness

  • Extremely thin needles are placed and manipulated

  • Can reduce pain and improve function

Vestibular Balance Training and Fall Prevention

  • Falls are a leading cause of hospitalizations

  • Addressing balance issues can help prevent falls

  • Specialized activities address balance and vestibular function